Education of the body must be in contact with air, earth, water and light.
Rabindranath Tagore.


We do not learn in isolation. We learn by making connection to what we already know, we then create new cognitive and physical schema that are real and rewarding.


We don't learn from experiences, we learn from reflecting on experiences - John Dewey.
As students reflect on experiences, both cognitive and kinaesthetic, they are processing, synthesising and evaluating data that creates new schema with deeper meaning and understanding.


My role of an educator is not to tell my students the answer, it is to show them how to use their Head, Heart and Hands to uncover the answer by themselves.
I am the guide.

I believe that our core identity and confidence stems from the kinesthetic domain. Before we mimic how to speak, read, and write, we discover how to crawl, walk and run. As such, we have a deeper connections to our discoveries than our assimilations. It is natural that most students have a personal strong connection to running, jumping and climbing. We develop with our identities, which influence our interactions and connections with the world.  Academic integrity and identity is echoed in what we learn during our formative years of athletic confidence building. “Follow the rules”, “work together”, “try your best”, “respect yourself and respect others.” The lessons we learn in PE and sports programs are the ones we carry with us throughout our lives. Physical literacy creates the foundation for academic and professional success, healthy relationships and personal well being. As as educator, I teach that we must always have balance. Physical education expands beyond the body, it creates interactions that begins with our HANDS (physical) and then our HEAD (intellect) and our HEART (passion). 

I have been lucky that I’ve discovered my passion, and through role modelling, I teach my students what it is like to truly love what you do. I take pride in my job and the opportunity to bring Inquiry and role modelling into PE. My students learn to love fitness because they see I love fitness. My students think about fitness because I challenge them to connect kinetic and cognitive goals. My students work hard because they see me working hard. My goal as a physical educator is simple: to build confidence and identity. With the hope that these foundational structures enable students to transfer a growth mindset to all aspects of their integrated academic and personal goals. [They will connect their Hands and their Hearts to their Head.]